Soil Improvement in Developing Countries

Soil Improvement in Developing Countries. Practical, do-able and durable.
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The subject of the book is soil improvement. It is based on Vol. 2 of Peter Storey’s book The Soil Conservation and Improvement of Sloping Land (Soil Improvement). This new edition is for people who might be put off by ‘sloping land’ in the title if their land was not particularly sloping. What’s more, this edition is completely free to download.

"Soil Improvement in Developing Countries is a very comprehensive book pointing out that subsidized chemical fertiliser and pesticides have been covering up the loss of soil and soil fertility. This book explains practical ways of understanding and restoring fertility. It is very comprehensive with much useful information not available elsewhere, while using the minimum of technical language. It is intended for International and local NGOs, and government organisations involved in agriculturally related services at the grass roots level."