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Books available from Peter Storey

Soil and Water. A manual of soil and water conservation and soil improvement, particularly for sloping lands

Free to download in PDF format.

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Soil Improvement in Developing Countries. Practical, do-able and durable

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Durable Rural Development (CD)

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Books available elsewhere

The Conservation and Improvement of Sloping Land


All volumes can be obtained from:

SCIENCE PUBLISHERS Inc., Post Office Box 699, Enfield, New Hampshire 03784, USA.

SCIENCE PUBLISHERS Inc. UK, Plymbridge Distributors, Estover Road, Plymouth PL6 7PY, UK. Tel: 01752 202301

Or through bookshops. The ISBN numbers are:

  • Volume 1: ISBN 1-57808-201-3
  • Volume 2: ISBN 1-57808-250-1
  • Volume 3: ISBN 1-57808-234-X

Note. The author is donating copies of the three volumes of The Conservation and Improvement of Sloping Land to bonafide workers and charities involved in agricultural work in developing countries. Students from developing countries may also apply. Recipients should state which volumes they require and why. They will also need to provide evidence of who they are, and what they are doing, and pay for post and packaging. Please contact Peter Storey for further information and to arrange payment for P&P.

The books are large – up to 349 pages, 22cm x 27 cm in size. Postage and packing charges per book will be:

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